Multi Skilled Tradesmen

All Cityview’s in-house engineers are multi-skilled. When it comes to carrying out property maintenance, I can’t tell you the importance of having engineers who are multi-skilled in looking after residential properties. Imagine the cost if you have a leaking tap and a loose door handle and no engineers who are multi-skilled. Imagine sending a plumber and a handyman, the cost of two people when one person who is multi-skilled can complete both projects, saving on additional costs.
Cityview have many clients ranging from the busy home owner who would contact us for a great service, the estate agencies who rely on our services on a daily basis, the private landlords with 1-3 or 1000’s of properties who need a reliable property manager. We assist from tradesmen & fixes, to furnishing quotation online, to larger works like extensions/conversions/builds. All of these services are under one roof for the sole purpose of getting things done quickly, to a high standard with great customer service so that you don’t have to! Save the stress, time and worry and use Cityview!