• What does 30 Days mean to you…

    CV Property Maintenance know that 30 day payment terms can really help. It means you can process the maintenance action required whilst giving you time to fill out subsequent paperwork and collecting finances your end. Your jobs can be scheduled to commence keeping all tenants, landlords and management companies happy! What’s more our multi skilled tradesmen are more likely to be able to complete tasks in one visit as they do not need a fleet of specialists to carry out different tasks. For instance your current plumber would need a trades person to remove and replace tiling for him to access a concealed cistern, whereas, our engineers are multi-skilled and can remove the tiles, fix concealed cistern and retile after repair. A great service with 30 days to make payment.

  • Professional looking Multi-Skilled Engineers

    City View’s professional looking multi-skilled engineers get the job done to a high standard. Our new fleet is freshly sign written and ready to repair, restore and complete works at your clients home. Our uniformed staff are multi-skilled and able to complete multiple tasks in one visit. For instance your plumber would not remove tiles to access a concealed cistern but our multi-skilled engineers would remove tiles, access concealed cistern repair job in question and replace tiles. This saves time, money and inconvenience for clients at their homes or places of business. All this while we are charging by the hour rather than in half hours like most others.

    I hope you will visit our blog page again to keep up to date with our latest offerings.

  • Low Maintenance Garden?

    Summer has arrived and the heatwave is set to continue through July. As we all head for the Garden for Al Fresco Dining, Sunbathing, BBQ and hanging washing on the line we begin to notice what was neglected from seasons before. The worn out decking, fencing, unmaintained lawn and shrubs all become apparent. The longer these items stay damaged, rotten, broken, dead or unmaintained the bigger the solution task becomes! City View are calling all Landlords, Homeowners and Private Landlords. We understand day to day living, working and scheduling doesn’t always allow time for maintenance inside your home, let alone your garden. However low down on your priority list maintaining your outdoor space is, it is still your responsibility. Outdoor aesthetics be part of your areas covenant or just simply your neighbourly duty to keep your street/area looking nice. City View are able to help with all aspects of gardening and outdoor maintenance. From staining/maintaining/repairing fence’s and decking. Planting easy maintenance plants. Laying easy care artificial grass. All of these keep tenants happy for long jeopardy and encourage them to take pride/care of their outdoor space with low responsibility. Keeping your outdoor space low maintenance and easy care helps quick turnaround on getting new tenants in and can be of little expense. Ask us today for more information!

  • Multi Skilled Tradesmen

    All Cityview’s in-house engineers are multi-skilled. When it comes to carrying out property maintenance, I can’t tell you the importance of having engineers who are multi-skilled in looking after residential properties. Imagine the cost if you have a leaking tap and a loose door handle and no engineers who are multi-skilled. Imagine sending a plumber and a handyman, the cost of two people when one person who is multi-skilled can complete both projects, saving on additional costs.
    Cityview have many clients ranging from the busy home owner who would contact us for a great service, the estate agencies who rely on our services on a daily basis, the private landlords with 1-3 or 1000’s of properties who need a reliable property manager. We assist from tradesmen & fixes, to furnishing quotation online, to larger works like extensions/conversions/builds. All of these services are under one roof for the sole purpose of getting things done quickly, to a high standard with great customer service so that you don’t have to! Save the stress, time and worry and use Cityview!
  • Warwick Coffee Table

    Did you know that our website has an online shop with many quick pick furniture options for the properties we manage for you. This has proven a great success for our clients. You can add items to a quotation cart and submit your form to us and we aim to respond within 24hours. Have you seen our Warwick Coffee / TV Stand. This piece has proven to be a popular success because of its versatile colour scheme and material. It is a great front room feature that matches all decors. If you are interested in a quotation CLICK HERE>

  • Keep up to date with Cityview

    Have you ever wondered what we get up to. We have now launched our blog page to keep you all up to date with the latest news. It is also our opportunity to highlight the great benefits you will receive by doing business with us as well as testimonials, more about our services and case studies. If their is a topic you would like to hear more about then please don’t hesitate to contact us with suggestions. Come back and visit our website soon to keep up to date.